Terms of Apprenticeship

Basic Apprentice Applicant Requirements

  • Applications for class beginning Spring 2015 will be taken November 3, 2014 thru December 19, 2014. Office hours for applications vary per District Office. See link below for District Office Addresses and Phone Nuumbers.
  • District 1 takes applications Monday through Friday 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM. For Districts 3 & 5 please call office directly for days and times.
  • District Office 4 will not be taking applications for 2015.
  • District Office 2 will not be taking applications for 2015.
  • Applicant must be a minimum of 18 yrs. of age.
  • Applicant must bring a valid drivers license and have dependable transportation.
  • Application fee by money order for $10.00. No checks. No cash.
  • Applicant must apply at the District Office for the county in which they reside.
  • Link to District Offices and counties within those jurisdictions Click individual District Office on left once you have determined your office for local address and phone number.

Certifications required in first year of program

  • Commercial Driver License A or B
  • Transportation Workers Identification Credential (TWIC) 
  • These are credentials you can begin to work on as you wait for our testing/interview process that takes place Spring of each year.

John M. Pine Coordinator/Director

Daniel P. Sullivan
Ass't Coordinator/Director
Dorothea Blalock
Office Manager
Sabrina DeFeo
Operating Engineers Local 542
1375 Virginia Drive Suite 206
Fort Washington, Pa  19034
Phone (215) 591-5282
Fax (215) 591-5286