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Fight Night 9/30

On September 30 we will be participating in a Fight Night with Local 5 IUEC at Katie O’Donnells Irish Pub (across from Philadelphia Mills). 100% of the proceeds from this event will go towards A Lift For A Vet Foundation. To date, this organization has installed over 75 lifts in veteran’s homes. More information can be found here

If you are interested in attending this event, tickets are $25 (tickets are a donation for Lift For A Vet). 

Please contact Ed Loomis (IUEC Local 5) for more information on tickets: 215-397-8706

If you are interested in boxing in this event, please contact one of the following organizers: 
Pat Costello: 215-332-3553
Tim Costello: 267-688-5787
Brian Costello: 267-231-0227
Eric Howarth (Local 164): 610-349-0518
Chris “Worm” Guest (Local 57): 267-516-8799