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Local 542 has several full time organizers who work throughout Eastern Pennsylvania and Delaware. Their focus is concentrated on organizing workers and increasing the number of employers that become signatory to Local 542 contracts. Local 542 targets the construction industry, equipment dealers, construction material suppliers and municipal workers. The organizing team develops strategies designed to ultimately increase the union’s market-share, that’s where Local 542 achieves a real advantage in contract negotiations.

Organizers begin their campaigns by assessing the interest level and support for the union in a targeted group of workers. If interest is sufficient, the campaign begins and continues until a contract is reached. Organizers use many methods to educate the workers regarding the benefits of union membership including leafleting at shift changes, mailings and house calls to talk one-on-one with the workers. A home visit gives working families an opportunity to learn about the good wage package and fringe benefits that come with membership in Local 542.

The Local 542 organizing team also monitors certified payrolls on prevailing rate (Davis-Bacon) construction jobs to make sure unorganized contractors are not misclassifying or cheating employees out of their proper pay and benefit package as mandated by law.

If you’re interested in organizing your work place, please contact us. We promise our conversation will be confidential. 

We always respect your need for anonymity

Please call or E-mail our organizing team (215) 542-7500 office,

Frank Bankard (267) 784-7744 mobile or