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20th Anniversaries

The year was 1996. In the United States, President Bill Clinton was halfway through his first term. The Yearly Inflation Rate for the USA hit 2.93%  while the Year End Close of Dow Jones Industrial Average was 6448.  Interest Rates at the Year End for the Federal Reserve were 8.25%. If you were looking to buy a new house, expect to spend roughly $118,200.00 while your average salary was $36,300.00. The Dallas Cowboys were the Super Bowl Champions, the Chicago Avalanche won the Stanley Cup, The Chicago Bulls won the NBA Finals, and the NY Yankees were the World Series Champions.

In global news, Prince Edward and Diana, Princess of Wales were officially divorced. Osama Bin Laden is expelled from Sudan and moves to Afghanistan. Mad Cow Disease hits Britain and Nintendo releases their newest gaming system the Nintendo 64. 

In addition to all of these events, these members joined the Operating Engineers:

District 1

  • George Beaumont
  • George P Bradley
  • Thomas W Bowers
  • Robert R Cockerill III
  • Mark Chupis
  • Walter Eadies
  • Dominic A Ercole
  • Timothy M Froggatt
  • Thomas Gallagher
  • Catherine Gillian
  • John H Graves
  • Joshpeh L Groves Jr.
  • Jack W Habberssett
  • Walter Hawthorne III
  • Robert A Hawthorne
  • Kevin M Hinchey
  • William A Jackson Jr. 
  • William J Kelleher
  • John M Keyser
  • Penny V Lacy
  • Robert J Maloney
  • Joseph P McCotter
  • Christopher S McNaney
  • Donald J McNulty
  • Austin A Meehan
  • David Mirra
  • Robert D Morrison
  • William E Padgett Jr.
  • Ralph Pileggi III
  • Frank J Santore
  • Greg Savidge
  • Joseph C Simpson
  • Stanley F Smith
  • Levi R Snow
  • Douglas Stout
  • Benton T Thurmond
  • Danny White

District 2

  • William Gottwald
  • Mark Koyste
  • Cole J Underkoffler

District 3

  • George DeGilio
  • Herman A Rising

District 4

  • Donnie F Starr

District 5

  • Joseph M Cogar
  • Robert Gesullio Jr.
  • William Kinsler
  • Andrew F Penn
  • John E Powell Jr.
  • Dale Shiles