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25th Anniversaries

The year was 1991. In the United States, George H. W. Bush was still the President. The Yearly Inflation Rate for the USA hit 4.25%  while the Year End Close of Dow Jones Industrial Average was 3168 (first time it every topped 3000).  Interest Rates at the year end for the Federal Reserve were 6.50%. If you were looking to buy a new house, expect to spend roughly $120,000.00 while your average salary was $29,430.00. The New York Giants were the Super Bowl Champions, the Pittsburgh Penguins won the Stanley Cup, The Chicago Bulls won the NBA Finals, and the Minnesota Twins were the World Series Champions.

In global news, Boris Yeltsin won the first free election for Russia to become the first popularly-elected president. Operation Dessert Storm took place in Kuwait followed by the The U.N. Security Council passing the Cease Fire Agreement, Resolution 687. The Dead Sea Scroll was unveiled in Israel and Nirvana’s Nevermind album launched the start of the Grunge era.

In addition to all of these events, these members joined the Operating Engineers:

District 1

  • Paul J Carrey III
  • Mark J DeMarchis
  • Paul J Davis
  • Joseph Gallagher
  • Kevin B Groves
  • Robert H Hann Jr.
  • Joseph Hession
  • Melvin James
  • Richard E Knowles
  • Authur B McLean
  • Charles P Molla
  • Robert J Moskal
  • Benjamin P Mullins II
  • William M Porter
  • Richard N Solano Jr.

District 2

  • David M Anastasio
  • Alex F Grant
  • Paul McAndrew
  • Rondolphe C Melson
  • Joseph C Mitchell
  • Michael L Souders
  • Thomas V Thomson Jr.

District 3

  • Vincent J Ferraiolo 

District 4

  • Jay Boyer
  • Robert Cokosky
  • Russel Klinger
  • James R Lash
  • Allen D Miller
  • Daniel A Straub
  • William Sutherland
  • John F Wolfe Jr.