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30th Anniversaries

The year was 1987. In the United States, Ronald Reagan was in his second term as President . The Yearly Inflation Rate for the USA hit 3.66%  while the Year End Close of Dow Jones Industrial Average was 1938.  Interest Rates at the year end for the Federal Reserve were 8.75%. If you were looking to buy a new house, expect to spend roughly $92,000 while your average salary was $24,350.00. The New York Giants were the Super Bowl Champions, the Edmonton Oilers won the Stanley Cup, The Las Angeles Lakers won the NBA Finals, and the Minnesota Twins were the World Series Champions.

In global news, the fire at King Cross Station in London killed 31 people. Ronald Reagan gave his infamous Berlin Wall speech. The first international Disney theme park, Disneyland Paris, opens while Square releases the first “Final Fantasy” video game for the NES in Japan.

In addition to all of these events, these members joined the Operating Engineers:

  • Christopher Andrusko

  • Carl Arnold Jr

  • Richard Briggs Jr

  • Kenneth R Cockerill

  • Thomas R Collins

  • Jon Cowart Jr

  • Daniel Crockett

  • James M Czerwonka

  • Alonzo A Davis

  • Clint C Denucci

  • Michael E Dolente

  • Thomas Dooley Jr 

  • Thomas A Dougherty

  • John F Forsey

  • George Gallagher

  • Edward A Geehring

  • Aubrey L George

  • John C Gindhart

  • David Griesel

  • Harry T J Hartranft Ii

  • Gary T Hearn

  • Sven N Hedin

  • Bruce Izzi

  • Vincent Maglio

  • Robert Mccord Jr

  • William P Mcdonnell

  • Timothy P Mcguire

  • George P Miller

  • Wayne Mitchell

  • Charles W Morrison

  • Charles Morykin II

  • Timothy B Morykin

  • Donald R Nensteil

  • Thomas P Nutter

  • Michael T Pike

  • Edmund Pohl

  • Joseph E Pryor

  • Bruce P Reid

  • Richard L Ringler

  • Thomas M Sabia

  • Frank E Shaffer Jr

  • Jeffrey L Siegfried

  • Robert H Slater

  • Thomas J Slater

  • Thomas J Stricker

  • Daniel P Sullivan

  • Glenn S Sweeney

  • William Taylor

  • Jeffrey A Zemba