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50th Anniversaries

The year was 1967. In the United States, Lyndon B. Johnson was the President. The Yearly Inflation Rate for the USA hit 2.78while the Year End Close of Dow Jones Industrial Average was 905.  If you were looking to buy a new house, expect to spend roughly $14,250.00 while your average salary was $7,300.00. The Super Bowl debuted this year and the Green Bay Packers were the first champions.  However, the Toronto Maple Leafs won the Stanley Cup, The Philadelphia 76ers won the NBA Finals, and the St. Louis Cardinals were the World Series Champions.

In global news, the first successful human heart transplant took place in South Africa. In the UK,  Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Heart Club Band was the most popular album and the UK launched their first satellite.

In addition to all of these events, these members joined the Operating Engineers:

  • James Abbott

  • Paul W Angermeier

  • Paul E Arbour Jr

  • Robert J Arnold

  • Roger L Baker

  • Edward J Bosack Jr

  • Terry L Bubeck

  • Gaetano M Buccuto

  • Thomas D Bucher

  • Anthony J Corrado

  • John L Cross III

  • Philip A Davoulas

  • Thomas J Day

  • Frank Demoreland

  • Frank J Doutrich

  • Laverne E Eastburn

  • James D Elmes

  • Frank T Filippo

  • William J Garlick

  • Patrick B Gillespie

  • Wayne A Grubb Sr

  • James O Herb

  • William J Hodakowski

  • John F Hoffman

  • Stanley R Hoffman

  • Edgar W Jackson Jr

  • Terry Kelichner

  • Richard B Klein

  • Joseph Kochenash

  • Ralph Kuniskas

  • Joseph Kutger

  • Layton B David

  • Samuel H Lerch

  • Anthony B Leva

  • Fred R Leva

  • Jay C Martin

  • Frederick P Matthews Jr

  • John J Mcdonnell Jr

  • Russell S Mertz

  • William P Neppes

  • Robert Padgett

  • Zygmunt H Papciak

  • Joseph T Parry Jr

  • J H Pierce

  • Louis A Policelli

  • Lester O Propst

  • George H Ream

  • James W Reed

  • William G Reedy

  • George W Roser Jr

  • Melvin F Sadler

  • David E Schomp Jr

  • William I Shoup

  • Thomas N Terry Jr

  • Kenneth C Trowbridge Jr

  • Curvin F Tyson

  • James A Tyson

  • John W Ward

  • Jerome C West

  • James A Wosochlo

  • Rodney S Yeager

  • Prospero T Zito