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50th Anniversaries

The year was 1966. In the United States, Lyndon B. Johnson was the President. The Yearly Inflation Rate for the USA hit 3.01while the Year End Close of Dow Jones Industrial Average was 785.  If you were looking to buy a new house, expect to spend roughly $14,200.00 while your average salary was $6,900.00. The Super Bowl didn’t exist yet and Atlantic Falcons and Miami Dolphins were the two newest expansion teams.  However, the Montreal Canadiens won the Stanley Cup, The Boston Celtics won the NBA Finals, and the Baltimore Orioles were the World Series Champions.

In global news, the Vietnam War was still in progress. The Soviet Union’s USSR Luna 10 spacecraft became the first object to orbit in space. Pope Paul VI and Arthur Michael Ramsey, the Archbishop of Canterbury, met in Rome – the first official meeting in 400 years between the Roman Catholic and Anglican Churches. Also, Harold Wilson and the Labour party won the British General Election.

In addition to all of these events, these members joined the Operating Engineers:

District 1

  • Frank Acchione
  • Christopher C Baur
  • Robert L Blew
  • George W Bloom
  • John J Borchardt
  • John A Bowers Sr.
  • Stanley W Broska
  • Nunizo J Capriotti
  • Clarence H Clark
  • Robert R Cockerill Jr.
  • Joseph F Conner
  • Nicholas Destefano Jr.
  • Charles F Dillion
  • Michael Elsier
  • George E Freeth Jr.
  • William L Gaynor Jr.
  • John H Good
  • John M Kiefer
  • Carl F Kosmahl Jr.
  • John Litz
  • Walter L Madison
  • Joesph Manzi
  • Robert E Maschi
  • Thomas M McIlhenney
  • Michael J O’Neill
  • Edward R Onslager
  • Harry R Packer
  • Frank A Pifani
  • Rosario Procaccino
  • Charles K Richards
  • Michael Roberto
  • Robert Rominiecki
  • John L Schoch
  • John R Schwechtje
  • Joesph Speero
  • Paul D St John
  • August Trofe
  • Gene Trofe
  • John W Weaver
  • Thomas P Zarnawski

District 2

  • Arthur F Barwick
  • Fredrick W Borgmann
  • William T Burkey
  • Raymond F Geiger Jr.
  • John R Glaser
  • Fredrick R Kercher
  • William M Layton
  • John O Whaling

District 3

  • Joseph V Scali
  • Paul J Simon
  • Thomas P Spott
  • Robert Stracham

District 4

  • Carlos E Attinger
  • Allen Barnett
  • Myron J Fish
  • Donald A Fostina
  • Melvin C Freeland
  • Eugene Hughes
  • Ronald H Hurrell
  • Daniel L Kemmick
  • Richard C Kirkner
  • Ronald L Smink

District 5

  • Roderick W Accetta
  • Joesph D Bryant
  • Hollis Christian Jr.
  • Robert H Davis
  • John DeHaven
  • Edward J Diluchio
  • Cecil W Fuhr
  • John G Gala
  • James G Hall
  • William A Heinold
  • John F Long
  • John B McDaniel Jr.
  • Willie C Permelia
  • John Ritter
  • William O Segletes