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Important Issues
Learn more about the important issues facing our members and their families at the national, state and local levels.

Your Representatives
Learn who represents you in Congress and your PA & DE State Legislatures and find out how to contact them.

Get Involved!
We need YOUR help in making sure our government officials know what issues are important to us.

Local 542's focus on public policy is producing results!

Traditionally, like many other unions, our union viewed being involved in politics as something separate from our mission as a union representing workers in the building trades.

That view has evolved over the last few years because more and more of our members are increasingly aware that many of the projects we work on are funded by taxpayer dollars. Those are taxes we pay to local, state, and federal governments, and our elected officials decide how those funds are spent.

Laws that directly impact our health and safety on the job, our job security, and our rights as union members are also decided by elected officials. So, like it or not, our union must be involved in politics to protect the interests of our members.

Local 542 has started doing more to raise our visibility with elected officials by focusing on critical issues like misclassification, unemployment compensation, protecting area wage standards, job safety, apprentice training, and the right to organize. We are ensuring that elected officials at all levels of government, from school boards on up, know what issues matter to our members.

In addition to educating elected officials and candidates for public office, Local 542 is becoming a reliable and credible resource that those elected officials know they can trust to give them valuable information when they are drafting laws or spending tax dollars.

On this page, you will find out more about the important issues affecting our members and our families, as well as how to contact your legislators and how to talk to them about these issues.

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