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The Union Advantage

In every state and every industry, union members earn more, get better benefits, and have better working lives than those who have to "go it alone."


  • You are an “employee at will”. Your employer can discipline or fire you at any time for any reason; you have no recourse.
  • “Open Door Policy” means the employer will listen to you…and then do whatever he/she wants.
  • The employer determines wages, benefits and other terms and conditions of work. If you’re not satisfied, your only option is to get another job.
  • Wages, benefits and other terms and conditions can be changed by the employer at any time.
  • Hiring and promotion is up to the discretion of the employer.


  • Discipline, up to and including discharge, is subject to a grievance procedure and binding arbitration, depending on the terms of your contract.
  • Contract negotiations require both sides – labor and management – to listen and reach reasonable compromises, acceptable to both sides.
  • Wages, benefits and working conditions are negotiated. If you are not satisfied, you can work for changes during contract negotiations.
  • Neither labor nor management can make unilateral changes to a signed contract. If modifications are necessary during the life of a contract, both sides must agree.
  • Hiring and promotion are covered by a contract. Seniority and other factors can be written into the agreement.

Do you really need a Union?

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Are your medical benefits entirely paid for by the company and do they cover you and your family 100%?
  • Do you have a Guaranteed Retirement Plan that provides income for you and your spouse for as long as you live? Or do you have a 401k Plan which is nothing more than a deferred savings account?
  • Do you have an Annuity or a 401k Plan with a fixed sum of money contributed by your employer for each hour worked? (Not money that you take out of your earnings!)
  • Do you get a guaranteed pay raise every year, which is comparable to the cost of living?
  • Do you get guaranteed minimum overtime pay when called in for an emergency?
  • Do you have someone you can go to if you have a problem on the job who is not a company representative?
  • Are you receiving adequate pay for the heavy responsibility that you take on each day when you go to work?
  • Are you guaranteed 8 hours pay per day or 40 hours pay per week?
  • Is your holiday pay calculated on your 40-hour workweek, or do you have to work an extra 8 hours on a holiday week before you get overtime pay?
  • Do you receive overtime pay after 8 hours of work? Do you receive overtime pay for Saturdays?

If you answered "NO" to any of these questions, then your answer to the question is:




If you're interested in organizing your workplace, please contact us. We promise our conversation will be confidential. We always respect your need for anonymity.

Please fill out this form and someone will contact you as soon as possible: 

OR please call or email our organizing team:

Head Organizer, Sam Wolf
cell:  (484) 614-3773
Email:  Sam.Wolf@IUOE542.com
Main Office:  (215) 542-7500

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